CCP Flood Update

Good morning, y’all. 

All downstairs CCP classrooms and offices (and church offices) were flooded early Tuesday morning with the deluge of rain.  At this time, we have lost all rugs, wooden play things, other things that can’t be run through a dishwasher or washer and sanitized.  I will keep you updated…so many of you have reached out saying, “How can we help?”

ServePro is there now packing, drying, de-humidifying, remediating.  They will begin cutting 2 ft of drywall out of every area downstairs (even hallways, Fellowship Hall, offices, etc.).  In some places, they’ll need to cut 4 ft.  Truthfully, this is overwhelming.  But it’s one step at a time.

Arkel (who did the refurbishment of the Sanctuary and 3 year old area last summer) will do the rebuild (drywall up, taped, floated, painted, etc.)…and then the process of moving back in to EVERY area downstairs will begin.

Of course, the flood happens at a terrible time (all floods do, I guess!).  For those of you who have asked how to help, we will need manpower help on the back end as we move back into classrooms.  Food for the move in days.  New rugs, dollhouses, etc.  I can be more specific after we have a fuller picture of what can be salvaged and what can’t.

If you want to help financially, give through the church portal (  (there’s a preschool drop down menu)At this point I’m hopeful that our summer program WILL start June 7th.  I will keep you updated.

And of course, we would love for you to pray with and for us:  this is emotionally overwhelming.  We had to pack all things during the pandemic for the refurbishment, and now we’re doing it all again.  But this time, many things are ruined.

So pray for our emotional and physical health, that we would be wise stewards of all God has blessed us with, and that the clean up process and rebuild would proceed quickly.

All our CCP staff hearts are sad that another year has been truncated; closure is important for all of us.

Praying all of you were safe and remain safe this very wet week.  I know a few CCP families flooded…if that’s you, please let us know how we can help!

Peace on your Thursday,

P.S. If you’re cleaning things out in the next few weeks and have things to take to Purple Cow or Goodwill, once we’re up and running, we’d love your gently used things…books, animals (not living!), kitchen stuff, etc. to use as replacements!